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What gift to buy for a new mom or a pregnant mother?

pregnant mom in bamboo sleepwear

Every mother wants the best for their babies, including the fabrics that they will wear and use daily. The knowledge of bamboo fabric has been rising over the years for its softness, breathability and hypoallergenic nature, and is now one of the most commonly used fabric for baby clothes. While baby clothes are made with the best materials, what about clothes for the mothers that care for their babies 24/7?

It's been testified by a mom to another that having a set of bamboo nursing pajamas is one of the most comfortable and practical for postpartum recovery and their breastfeeding journeys. Read on to discover why bamboo sleepwear is the perfect gift for a new mom or pregnant mother.

1. Bamboo is more breathable than cotton.

Bamboo fabric is incredibly soft (just like cashmere) and cooling due to its micro-gaps, keeping one ~2 degrees cooler than our exterior temperature. Do you also know that it is 40% more absorbent than cotton? This makes bamboo fabrics one of the most breathable fabrics on earth. As mothers go through their pregnancy and postpartum journeys, they often experience night sweats and heat waves due to the changing hormones, hence making bamboo pajamas over other fabrics the ultimate gift for a new mom!

2. Bamboo Is Hypoallergenic

90% of newborn babies have sensitive skin, of which some of them are sometimes prone to skin problems like eczema. Bamboo fabrics do not go through any chemical treatments during its manufacturing process, making it hypoallergenic in nature and is resistant to bacteria, mildew, and mold - this greatly reduces skin allergies and irritation, making it perfect natural solution for mothers who care for their babies 24/7.

3. Bamboo Is Antibacterial and odour resistant

Bamboo fabrics are naturally odour resistant and antibacterial due to a natural anti-bacterial agent called "Bamboo Kun". This contributes to both a mother and baby’s overall well-being, protecting them from bacteria that may cause illnesses.

4. Bamboo Fabric Looks Great for Longer

One other key benefit of bamboo fabric is that they are pretty durable compared to other softer fabrics due to the strength of the bamboo plant. This fabric can be machine-washed and dried and less likely to go pale. This is critical for breastfeeding moms when they often get milk stains or their babies' vomit all over them, requiring them to wash their pajamas more often than others.

5. Nursing pajamas need a button-down function

Apart from all the benefits of bamboo fabric, it is important to note that nursing pajamas should come with a button-down design for functionality. Mothers who nurse their babies appreciate convenience and privacy, especially when their little ones get impatient for milk. Having a button-down function for pajamas allows mothers to save the hassle of removing their tops just to nurse their babies.

Final Take Away

Many women are starting to embrace bamboo sleepwear due to the many benefits to both mother and child. This comfortable sleepwear ensures that the mother can easily breastfeed, while keeping both mother and child cool and dry through the long days and nights. If you're looking to celebrate a milestone for a new mom or an expecting mother, look no further! Sleebbee has it all covered for you, maternity sizing available!

new mother in bamboo sleepwear kissing baby


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