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Comparing Bamboo Fabric, Modal, and Tencel: Which is the Superior Sustainable Material?

How does Bamboo Fabric compare with Modal and Tencel?

bamboo vs modal vs tencel

Bamboo sleepwear is a popular choice for those looking for natural and eco-friendly fabrics. It is a 100% natural and sustainable resource that is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics available. Tencel™ Modal is a fabric that has been made from wood pulp. The pulp comes from beech trees, and the fabric is commonly known as Modal. Keep reading to find out how fabrics like Modal and Tencel compare with Bamboo. 1. Bamboo vs. Modal vs Tencel Fabric

1) Quality

Both Bamboo and Modal offer a lot of great qualities, but bamboo has an added advantage for a few reasons. Firstly, bamboo tends to be more durable than Modal and Tencel. Some claim that Modal tends to pale after a few washes, though this isn't necessarily the case for all Modal fabrics. Regardless, bamboo generally lasts longer than either Modal or Tencel due to its plant properties. Bamboo also tends to have a softer feel over Modal and Tencel fabrics.

2) CO2 Emissions

Bamboo is one of the most renewable fibers in the world. This means that it takes very little out of the land to produce and is therefore very eco-friendly. If a Tencel or Modal fabric is being compared, there are some concerns about whether or not the amount of plant supply required for production will be able to repair and fix any damage that CO2 emissions have done.

3) Water Consumption

It is essential to be mindful of how much water an outfit requires to produce. Bamboo sleepwear tends to use a bit less water than Modal and Tencel. Bamboo can also be made from recycled materials. However, Tencel and Modal can come with a large wood requirement for their production, which makes it harder to get them made from recycled materials.

4) Comfort and Durability

Since bamboo fabric tends to offer better durability vs Modal vs Tencel, it can also withstand more wear and tear. That being said, Modal and Tencel are also very comfortable to the touch and commonly used for bedding due to the costs and efforts which makes more sense to produce in large sheets.

5) Drying Time

Bamboo fabrics dries much faster than Modal and Tencel due to its micro-gaps and natural plant properties, making it an excellent option for people with limited time or poor sunlight.

Final Take Away

If you’re looking for a natural and eco-friendly outfit to sleep in, bamboo sleepwear is a great choice. Although Modal and Tencel are also soft materials and commonly used for beddings, Bamboo is more sustainable and durable than Modal and Tencel when it comes to apparel and frequent washings. For a new set of pajamas or loungewear, we highly recommend trying out some trendy and modern bamboo sleepwear from Sleebbee today! You won’t regret it! Shop here.

Psssss, to those who have compared the fabrics yourself, let us know of your experiences in the comment box below!


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